Saturday, February 23, 2013

Orchid Dreams

I used my own scrap kit Orchid Dreams for this tutorial.. you can purchase it HERE
For the tube I used a Pinup Toon tube you can purchase her at the CDO Store. You must have a license to use. Mine is CDO #2339
 WSL_Mask235 is used on tag

1. Open the heart frame element  Shift + D to duplicate, close original. Image/canvas size 800 x 800. Apply a 3d drop shadow to your frame.
2. Add a new layer, drag below frame layer on the layer palette.
Open a paper that you like.. if its a full sized paper then re size it 25% . Make a new rectangle selection on the new image window.. almost to the edges..Copy the re sized paper then on the new image window, right click and paste into selection. Apply the mask that you picked on the paper, Merge group layers.
3. Open the SWT-Page Back element , Copy and Paste it on to your working image.. if you need to drag it below the frame layer.. do so. 
Remember to name all your layers.
4. Use your selection tool/freehand selection/ point to point. 
click and point.. around the heart frame.. not having to be too careful just so you do it to the outside of the center edge of the frame. Refer to below sample.
5. Add a new layer below the frame layer.. fill with one of the solid papers in the kit doing it like you did the first paper... then I used Filters Unlimited 2/ paper textures/ Fine canvas on the solid paper.
6. Now you can copy and paste whichever elements you'd like to use. re sizing when needed. Remember your 3D drop shadows on each element.. Copy and paste your girl tube..don't forget the copyright info..
7. When you have everything arranged like you can right click on the top layer in the layer palette Merge/Visible. Now would be the time to crop if you need to and/or resize/ sharpen once.. save as a .PNG.
You're done!
Toodles till next time

Friday, February 22, 2013

Country Charm

I used a ©Pinup Toon tube in this tutorial. You must have a license to use. Mine is CDO#2339
Scrapkit I used is Mine 'Country Charm'
Mask used WSL_Mask218
1. This is an easy one to do.. you open the frame element  Ctrl +D to duplicate , close original. Re-size the frame 50 % Change the canvas size to 900 x 900.  
2. Add a new layer , Draw a selection almost to the edges.. Pick the paper you want to use.. re-size 25% then copy and paste into the selection.
3. Add all your other elements you're going to use.. place then where you want. Don't forget your 3D drop shadows.. and your copyright info..
See told you this was a short one 
Toodles till next time..

Nautical Waves

I used a scrap kit of mine for this one  'Nautical Waves'  you can purchase it for $1 here at my STORE
Above is the non animated version.. below is the animated version.
FYI.. ALWAYS save your work..when you start and once in a while... SAVE.. if PSP ever has a brain fart and closes then you will have some or all of your work saved.. I now better not to but just did it..was right at the end and PSP went POOF and I had to start all over grrrrrrrr.
1. I opened the Sailor girl tube that's in the kit.  Ctrl +D to duplicate it.. close the original. Re-size the girl 40% then to image/canvas size re-size to 900 x 900.
2. Open the rock tube. Re-size 30% Copy and paste it on to your new working image.
3. Use your erase tool and erase the bottom sides of the rock that stick out.. apply the 3D drop shadow, then use the deform brush.. to 'push' the hands around the rock...Gently!
4. Open a bkg paper you like and re-size it 22% if its a full size. Copy it.. Add a new layer on your working image make a selection almost to the edges and Paste/into selection. Apply which ever mask you want to use.. I used WSL_Mask220 on it.
Merge/ merge group.
5. Open the (light)house re-size 30% Copy and paste it on a new layer on your working image. Apply the 3D drop shadow..
6. Open the Fishing net element  re-size 50% and move it down to right above the mask layer.. Have the light house covering its right side.. and the rock and girl covering the left side of the net.
7. Open the port hole element and re-size it . Apply a drop shadow.. but have it checked where the shadow is on its own layer.. then do a circle selection right in the center (glass area) of the port hole select the shadow layer and do cut/delete.

Merge down the port hole and its shadow layer now.
8. Open the sea gulls element  re-size 25%
Copy and paste them on to your working image.
9. Open the fish school element, re-size 25% , use the eraser tool to erase the top fish.. copy and paste onto the working image
10. Open the Crab element re-size 13%, (whatever looks good to you)
11. Open the waves , re-size 13%. Copy and paste onto your working image.
12. Open one of the water and sky bkg papers... re-size 30% and have it's layer below the port hole's layer. Make a circle selection using the port hold.. a little larger than the glass part.. click on the paper layer.. invert and cut/delete.
13. I duplicated the mask layer and pulled one to top left and one to bottom right.. to fill in more. OR you can use the deform tool and pull it out to enlarge it.. both ways work :D
Arrange things the way you like then save as a PNG.. I always save a .psd or .pspimage one also. So that I have all the layers separate.
14. NOW.. if you want to go a step farther... We can make the water in the port hole animated..
like Below. 
15. First add a new layer and drag it to the very bottom of all the layers fill with white.
I have included an .MNG animation file..
 15. Have all the bottom layers showing.. and hide the top layers..refer to below
16. Right click on the top of the window..Copy Merge.. go to your Animation program and right click on the desk top.. paste as a new animation. Duplicate 2 times.. so you have 3 frames now. Select all frames.. Open the .mng animation I made and select all its frames.. drag F:1 of the animation (.mng frames).. over to your new animation F: 1, click hold and drag over to center it directly over the other circle , line them up.. then let go of your mouse.. if you mess us.. UNDO both and start again. fun fun!!!
if it looks ok... close the .mng animation .Go back to PSP and hide all the bkg layers, un hide the top layers. like below. Copy Merge, over to Animation and right click on the desktop Paste as a new animation. Duplicate 2 times so that you have 3 frames.. Select all... click on the F:1 layer , Click, hold & drag over to the new animations F: 1 Line it up where the port hole is directly over the round sea animation. Check your animation... to see if its all looks right.. 
17. When your saving your animation..the window will come up that has customize on it.. ALWAYS click that.. cause sometimes you have to tweak settings... when dealing with flesh color.. it never looks right in an animation.. if you noticed.. I use Optimized Octree for flesh... it looks grainier if you use Optimized Median Cut
If all looks right to you.. save as .GIF.. then your done!!

Toodles till next time.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

St. Patty's Day

Thought I would do a St. Patty's Day tutorial. Hope you enjoy!!
I used the sexy tube of ©Elias Chatzoudis , You must have his license to use.   Mine is EAS13782
Scrapkit used for Tut is my ' St Patty's'  You can purchase it at my Blog Store  Only a $1
Mask used is mine you can get HERE
1.  Open a new image 800 x 800.. 
I always use that size.. start out bigger.. so you have more room to move things around .. then re-size when done... remember when you re-size.. you ALWAYS have to click Adjust/ Sharpness/Sharpen. Sharpen one time.. on each layer if you re-size them individually . If you merge all visible at the end and then 
re-size.. then you only have to use sharpen once..
99.99% of the time when you re-size something it will be blurry.
2. Open the paper you want to use..I used Bkg3
Apply a mask.. I used the one I made.. the download is up above.
merge the 3 mask layers (merge group)
3. Position all your elements the way you'd like..
4. There is only one thing I will go over with you..on the Swirl element when you get it placed under then girl tube and where you want...make sure you are on the swirl layer.. then you select all/Float/ Defloat . Then select the girl tube layer, erase her leg at the knee area and shin area, using the erase tool at 55 size , 100 hardness. Notice it looks like her leg is in front of it in places.. Like its curling around her leg.. Check the capture below to see what I mean.

When your done moving all your elements where you want.. SAVE AS  .png

Toodles till next time!

Happy Mother's Day

Here is a short one :)
I used a ©Caron Vinson tube.. you must purchase & have a license to  use.  Mine is  CDO #2339
HERE is my own mask for the tutorial
The scrapkit is also mine you can purchase it HERE . 
Hey its ONLY a $1 lol
1.  Open a new image  800 x 800 
2. Open the paper you want to use.. if its a full sized paper.. resize 22% and copy and paste it on to your new image window.
3. Apply the mask your going to use..Merge/merge group.
4. Add one of the frames that is in the kit.. copy and paste it into the new image window.
5. Use the magic wand tool and click inside the frame area.. this makes a selection.. go to selection/modify/expand 7 pixels.
6. Add a new layer (below the frame layer)
7. While it's still selected , choose another paper from the kit and resize 22% , copy and paste into selection.
8. Open, copy & paste  the tube you're using into the new image..don't forget to   apply a 3d drop shadow..
9. Time to add what elements you like (apply 3D shadows)... you can use the ones I did.. or choose your own. for both the elements with text on them.. I went to Image/Rotate/Free Rotate/ Direction left/Free: 20.00 . Have it checked where it says rotate single layer...
10. When you're done placing it the way you want... Merge visible, and save as a .PNG.

Toodles till next time

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love has no Expiration Date

Hi there PSP addicts :).. In this tutorial I used a 
beautiful ©Zindy tube. You can find her art at her STORE.  You must have her license to use her artwork.  Mine is Zindy #1453. The scrapkit used is a PTU kit by  WD Designz ' Lovely '
Sold at Zindy's Shop also.
Mask used  WSL_Mask362
1. Open an 800 x 800 new image
2. Open frame 9 that's in the kit   Copy and paste the frame onto your new image window. Close original. You don't have to resize, it's already the perfect size.
3. Choose which bkg paper you want to use as a mask layer..
 I used paper 14 . Copy and paste it onto your working image. Drag its layer down below the frame layer on the layer palette.
4. Apply the mask WSL_Mask262 to the bkg paper.
merge mask layers..Have it showing bottom right. Refer to main image 
5. Now use which ever elements you'd like to use. Arranging as you like.  I put text inside the frame area.. I had to do one or two words at a time to get them placed like I wanted.. Copy and paste the tube you're using. Don't forget the copyright info on the tag..
When you're done arranging.. you merge visible layers and save as a .png

That's it.. Toodles till next time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cutie Patootie

Scrapset I used for this tutorial is Tammy Kat (TK) Designs ' Pinup Toons' You can get it at CDO store.. also the tube I used. ©Pinup Toons  You must have a license to use.. Mine is CDO #2339
I created the lil frame animation 
1.  Open a new image 800 x 800
Use one of the papers that's in the kit.. and apply a mask to it... I used WSL_Mask 325 which you can get HERE.. She has some great masks..snag em!!  I merged the mask layers and duplicated then merged again..
2. Open frame1a element and drag over to your new working image.
3.Use your (magic) wand tool and  click inside  frame... Selections/ Modify/ Expand 6 pixels..the selection needs to be inside frame 
4. Add a new layer. Make sure its below the frame layer. Use one of the solid papers that's in the kit and drag to your new working image , if its layer is not below the frame layer.. do that now..
Invert the selection and while you're on the paper layer.. click delete.. you should see the paper under the frame.. 
5. Open the tube girl.. copy and paste her onto your working image.. close the original. Duplicate her layer.. and hide the top girl. Merge the lower girl layer with the paper layer.. and apply a filter effect on her.. lots of choices here.. I used.. my Filter Forge 3/creative/photo mosaic maker on it.. its a pricey plugin.. but you could also use PSP's Texture effects/weave... or any you'd like.. it depends on the look you're going for.

6. Use the elements that you like.. placing them where you want.. you can refer to my finished tag.  Remember you're going to be placing the animation I made SOMEWHERE on the tag..leave room for it.. once you get everything on there.. and placed like you like..
7. Merge all  so that it has a white bkg..
right click on the top and copy.. open your AS and right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation... Open the .mng file that I made and select all frames..its has 16.
8. Duplicate the single frame of the tag from PSP by clicking on the duplication button 5 times.. that will make 17 frames.. delete one of them.. 
9. Select all frames..have it where you can see Frame 1 (F:1) Also on the lil frame animation i made.. have it where you can see frame 1 (F:1) Click , hold and drag frame 1 over to your tag animation placing it exactly where you want it before you let go of the mouse button.. Check to look at your animation.. that it looked right...if it does.. Save As  .GIF
and your done!!!

Toodles till next time  

Spirit of Ireland

Hello once again..
 In this tutorial I used
The animation I did myself... its in the supplies zip 
The photo of an Old Ireland road I found on the net was used.
I also use the beautiful tube of  ©Anna Marine . You must have a license from CDO store to use.. Mine is CDO#2339
1. Open Element 45  Ctrl + D to duplicate. Close the original. Resize the element 25%  Enlarge canvas size 900 x 900  you can crop/resize later. Use the .jpg file of the Irish road that was in the supplies zip. Drag it to your working image.. this is just for reference later. Close the original. 
2. Place the picture up closer to top, centering it. Refer to my finished tag.
3. Remember to name your layers. On the reference photo layer Select/select all/ float/ defloat. Making sure your on the frame paper element click delete. Delete the photo layer.
4. Add a new layer.. drag it to the bottom on the layer palette.  Use your magic wand and select inside the paper frame.
You will see the marching ants around the rectangle.

5. Selections/modify/ expand 5 pixels. Add a new layer drag to bottom on layer palette so that its under the frame. Fill with a color...don't matter what color because later the Irish road animation will go on top of it.. were doing this so that the animation is placed in correct place. Select none.
6. Add a new layer, using one of the papers you like that matches in the kit... resized 20% drag it over to the working image. I applied a mask to this layer.. duplicated it once and merged the two mask layers.. I liked the way the mask looked around the edges.. but it wasn't quite dark enough.  I used WSL_Mask 254 . You can get it at the WeeScotsLass blog
7.  Now you can 'build' your tag the way  you'd like placing the elements to your likes. Don't forget the 3D drop shadows on all elements.. and your copyright info for the tube you used. I also added a new layer and filled it with one of the bkg papers in the kit..
8. Again, as in my previous tutorial  I merge the bottom layers and rename bottom.. then I merged the frame and all the layers above and renamed it top. Refer to my finished tag to see how I built mine..:) This is just up to you.. how you want your tag to look..there is no limit to our imaginations.. so everyone's could look different.
9. When your done  with all that... then hide the top layer you should have just the bottom layer showing.. with that colored rectangle. Up to top of image/ copy merge.. go to your AS and right click on the desktop and paste as new animation.. Also have the animation I made that was in the supplies..opened. 
Select ALL frames on my animation..scrolling the frames where you can see F:1  (frame 1)
Now same as before... your new animation.. the bkg layer that was in PSP.. you duplicate the frames so that you have the same number of frames as my animation has, which is 16.
When you start duplicating your new animation frames .. click the duplicate button 5 times.. that will give 17 frames delete one of them.. leaving you with 16 frames.. same as the other animation.
Having all selected.. have it where you can see F:1 of the new animation...and F:1 my animation. Click, hold and drag that first frame over to your new animation..
 DON'T let go of your mouse before you place it EXACTLY on the colored rectangle. When its placed let go of mouse. Ok back over in PSP hide the bottom layer and UNHID your top layer that you previously merged, top of window , right click copy merge... back over to AS.. right click on desktop and paste as a new animation. Duplicate the frame..clicking 5 times on the duplicate button.. delete one of the frames where you just have 16 frames.. Select ALL frames.. go to F:1 on both of your animations... on the animation that's going on top of the new animation, Click, hold and DRAG over to F:1 get it placed just right.. watch how the frame goes over the road...get it lined up perfect then let go of your mouse. Test your new animation now.. see if every thing looks good..if it does.. save as a new gif. 
You're Done!!
In my finished tag above.. I didn't resize it.. its BIG.. but you surely can

Monday, February 18, 2013

Forever Steampunk

Hi there.. Thanks for joining me again in another tutorial.

The scrapkit I used is Crazy Carita's 'Romantic Steampunk'
It's a PTU kit you can find HERE
I also used  ©Anna Marine tube, you must have a license to use.
My license CDO #2339
I am just now learning how to make these glitters.. so bare with me :) this one is too many frames really, so the tag file size is large....and you might find others better...but I will learn how to do them without so many frames!!!
The word art ' Forever' is mine... its in the supplies zip

ok lets get the ball rolln.. :) hey you can click on the tag and screen captures to see them in original size.. easier to see.

1. I first picked a frame that I liked.. I choose the oval.  Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original.  Resized 85%.

2. Using magic wand tool click on the inside of frame. 
3. Selections/Modify/ Expand 15 choose a bkg that you want.. I used Bkg paper PP2.jpg. Position it on the frame window the way you want.. I wanted some of the red to show (look below)

 4. Invert
5. Make sure your on the bkg paper layer.. Delete/Cut . For beginners I suggest you get in the habit of naming your layers... it will be alot less confusing for you..  

6. Supplied in the zip is a composite I found on the net...If someone knows who did it.. I will give them credit..

copy and paste the composite , dragging its layer under the frame layer and on top of the bkg paper. Position it where you like.. You should still have the oval selection going.. be on the composite layer and hit delete/cut again

7.   While on the composite layer.. go to Blend Modes on the layer palette and try different modes.. I used Hard Light.. and lowered the opacity.
8. Select None now..

9. Add a new layer.. drag to the bottom on the layer palette.
I used selection tool and drew a rectangle almost to the edges of the window.. Used the same paper.. that I put in the oval.. and copy/pasted it into the selection..

10. Then applied a Mask on the paper.. I used 
WSL_Mask224 you can get it at WeeScotsLass Blog
When you've applied it merge group. I duplicated the mask layer three times and positioned it so that it would be thicker in places..and even.

Be sure NOT to have any of the mask go off the outside edges of the image... that will leave a flat line..which looks horrible and unprofessional. :)

11. Now open all the elements you want to use... copy and paste them onto your working image. Position them like you'd can reference mine and go by it if you'd like.

I used the rose.. and resized it 75%. I also made it darker by going to Adjust/ Brightness & Contrast/ Gamma Correction
12. Put those elements you need to behind the frame.. and the others.. on top.. which ever elements that's below the frame layer.. goes over into the oval part...Select that oval again.. and expand the selection... invert and be on that elements layer and delete. That way the center of the oval just has the paper & composite showing.

13. I made a new layer and drug it to the very bottom of the layer palette.. and filled it with the bkg1 that I have in the zipped supplies..

14. Don't forget all your 3D drop shadows on EVERYTHING...
Copy and paste the tube of your choice.. on.. position it.. then copy and paste the word art on top of the tube..

15.  Ok.. this is how I merged what layers... the girl tube.. and word art merge just those.. name it on the layer palette TOP

16. The Middle as you see below

17.  Bottom  as you see below

18.  In the zip.. I added a seamless bkg tile made from one of the bkg papers... I flood filled a new layer.. and dragged to very bottom on layer palette.

19.  Open your animation shop , then open the .mng file of the sparkles animation.. select ALL of the frames of the animation.
In PSP have the TOP & MIDDLE layers HID on your image. Right click on the top of the image and Copy Merge

20. In AS right click on the AS desktop... then paste as a new animation. Now whatever animation you do use... you need to know how many frames it is.. so if its 35 frames.. you have to duplicate that new animation (the bkg layers from PSP ) till it has
 35 layers also. Here is the duplicate frame button
Select all in the new animation..make sure your looking at Frame 1... then  Click, drag and HOLD mouse button down..don't let go...move your mouse cursor over to the new animation.. position the sparkle animation frame #1 to exactly where you want it THEN let go of your mouse button...if you mess up.. just UNDO on both the sparkle animation and the new one... 

Back to PSP.. on your working image.. hide the bkg layers.. and have the top and middle visible.. top of image.. Copy Merged.. over to AS.. paste as a new image.. so the same as the other... you duplicat as many times as you have animation frames.. Click hold and drag just like the other..  When done.. save as a .gif
You're done!!!

Toodles till next time