Friday, February 22, 2013

Country Charm

I used a ©Pinup Toon tube in this tutorial. You must have a license to use. Mine is CDO#2339
Scrapkit I used is Mine 'Country Charm'
Mask used WSL_Mask218
1. This is an easy one to do.. you open the frame element  Ctrl +D to duplicate , close original. Re-size the frame 50 % Change the canvas size to 900 x 900.  
2. Add a new layer , Draw a selection almost to the edges.. Pick the paper you want to use.. re-size 25% then copy and paste into the selection.
3. Add all your other elements you're going to use.. place then where you want. Don't forget your 3D drop shadows.. and your copyright info..
See told you this was a short one 
Toodles till next time..

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