Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spirit of Ireland

Hello once again..
 In this tutorial I used
The animation I did myself... its in the supplies zip 
The photo of an Old Ireland road I found on the net was used.
I also use the beautiful tube of  ©Anna Marine . You must have a license from CDO store to use.. Mine is CDO#2339
1. Open Element 45  Ctrl + D to duplicate. Close the original. Resize the element 25%  Enlarge canvas size 900 x 900  you can crop/resize later. Use the .jpg file of the Irish road that was in the supplies zip. Drag it to your working image.. this is just for reference later. Close the original. 
2. Place the picture up closer to top, centering it. Refer to my finished tag.
3. Remember to name your layers. On the reference photo layer Select/select all/ float/ defloat. Making sure your on the frame paper element click delete. Delete the photo layer.
4. Add a new layer.. drag it to the bottom on the layer palette.  Use your magic wand and select inside the paper frame.
You will see the marching ants around the rectangle.

5. Selections/modify/ expand 5 pixels. Add a new layer drag to bottom on layer palette so that its under the frame. Fill with a color...don't matter what color because later the Irish road animation will go on top of it.. were doing this so that the animation is placed in correct place. Select none.
6. Add a new layer, using one of the papers you like that matches in the kit... resized 20% drag it over to the working image. I applied a mask to this layer.. duplicated it once and merged the two mask layers.. I liked the way the mask looked around the edges.. but it wasn't quite dark enough.  I used WSL_Mask 254 . You can get it at the WeeScotsLass blog
7.  Now you can 'build' your tag the way  you'd like placing the elements to your likes. Don't forget the 3D drop shadows on all elements.. and your copyright info for the tube you used. I also added a new layer and filled it with one of the bkg papers in the kit..
8. Again, as in my previous tutorial  I merge the bottom layers and rename bottom.. then I merged the frame and all the layers above and renamed it top. Refer to my finished tag to see how I built mine..:) This is just up to you.. how you want your tag to look..there is no limit to our imaginations.. so everyone's could look different.
9. When your done  with all that... then hide the top layer you should have just the bottom layer showing.. with that colored rectangle. Up to top of image/ copy merge.. go to your AS and right click on the desktop and paste as new animation.. Also have the animation I made that was in the supplies..opened. 
Select ALL frames on my animation..scrolling the frames where you can see F:1  (frame 1)
Now same as before... your new animation.. the bkg layer that was in PSP.. you duplicate the frames so that you have the same number of frames as my animation has, which is 16.
When you start duplicating your new animation frames .. click the duplicate button 5 times.. that will give 17 frames delete one of them.. leaving you with 16 frames.. same as the other animation.
Having all selected.. have it where you can see F:1 of the new animation...and F:1 my animation. Click, hold and drag that first frame over to your new animation..
 DON'T let go of your mouse before you place it EXACTLY on the colored rectangle. When its placed let go of mouse. Ok back over in PSP hide the bottom layer and UNHID your top layer that you previously merged, top of window , right click copy merge... back over to AS.. right click on desktop and paste as a new animation. Duplicate the frame..clicking 5 times on the duplicate button.. delete one of the frames where you just have 16 frames.. Select ALL frames.. go to F:1 on both of your animations... on the animation that's going on top of the new animation, Click, hold and DRAG over to F:1 get it placed just right.. watch how the frame goes over the road...get it lined up perfect then let go of your mouse. Test your new animation now.. see if every thing looks good..if it does.. save as a new gif. 
You're Done!!
In my finished tag above.. I didn't resize it.. its BIG.. but you surely can

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