Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cutie Patootie

Scrapset I used for this tutorial is Tammy Kat (TK) Designs ' Pinup Toons' You can get it at CDO store.. also the tube I used. ©Pinup Toons  You must have a license to use.. Mine is CDO #2339
I created the lil frame animation 
1.  Open a new image 800 x 800
Use one of the papers that's in the kit.. and apply a mask to it... I used WSL_Mask 325 which you can get HERE.. She has some great masks..snag em!!  I merged the mask layers and duplicated then merged again..
2. Open frame1a element and drag over to your new working image.
3.Use your (magic) wand tool and  click inside  frame... Selections/ Modify/ Expand 6 pixels..the selection needs to be inside frame 
4. Add a new layer. Make sure its below the frame layer. Use one of the solid papers that's in the kit and drag to your new working image , if its layer is not below the frame layer.. do that now..
Invert the selection and while you're on the paper layer.. click delete.. you should see the paper under the frame.. 
5. Open the tube girl.. copy and paste her onto your working image.. close the original. Duplicate her layer.. and hide the top girl. Merge the lower girl layer with the paper layer.. and apply a filter effect on her.. lots of choices here.. I used.. my Filter Forge 3/creative/photo mosaic maker on it.. its a pricey plugin.. but you could also use PSP's Texture effects/weave... or any you'd like.. it depends on the look you're going for.

6. Use the elements that you like.. placing them where you want.. you can refer to my finished tag.  Remember you're going to be placing the animation I made SOMEWHERE on the tag..leave room for it.. once you get everything on there.. and placed like you like..
7. Merge all  so that it has a white bkg..
right click on the top and copy.. open your AS and right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation... Open the .mng file that I made and select all frames..its has 16.
8. Duplicate the single frame of the tag from PSP by clicking on the duplication button 5 times.. that will make 17 frames.. delete one of them.. 
9. Select all frames..have it where you can see Frame 1 (F:1) Also on the lil frame animation i made.. have it where you can see frame 1 (F:1) Click , hold and drag frame 1 over to your tag animation placing it exactly where you want it before you let go of the mouse button.. Check to look at your animation.. that it looked right...if it does.. Save As  .GIF
and your done!!!

Toodles till next time  

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