Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love has no Expiration Date

Hi there PSP addicts :).. In this tutorial I used a 
beautiful ©Zindy tube. You can find her art at her STORE.  You must have her license to use her artwork.  Mine is Zindy #1453. The scrapkit used is a PTU kit by  WD Designz ' Lovely '
Sold at Zindy's Shop also.
Mask used  WSL_Mask362
1. Open an 800 x 800 new image
2. Open frame 9 that's in the kit   Copy and paste the frame onto your new image window. Close original. You don't have to resize, it's already the perfect size.
3. Choose which bkg paper you want to use as a mask layer..
 I used paper 14 . Copy and paste it onto your working image. Drag its layer down below the frame layer on the layer palette.
4. Apply the mask WSL_Mask262 to the bkg paper.
merge mask layers..Have it showing bottom right. Refer to main image 
5. Now use which ever elements you'd like to use. Arranging as you like.  I put text inside the frame area.. I had to do one or two words at a time to get them placed like I wanted.. Copy and paste the tube you're using. Don't forget the copyright info on the tag..
When you're done arranging.. you merge visible layers and save as a .png

That's it.. Toodles till next time.

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