Friday, February 22, 2013

Nautical Waves

I used a scrap kit of mine for this one  'Nautical Waves'  you can purchase it for $1 here at my STORE
Above is the non animated version.. below is the animated version.
FYI.. ALWAYS save your work..when you start and once in a while... SAVE.. if PSP ever has a brain fart and closes then you will have some or all of your work saved.. I now better not to but just did it..was right at the end and PSP went POOF and I had to start all over grrrrrrrr.
1. I opened the Sailor girl tube that's in the kit.  Ctrl +D to duplicate it.. close the original. Re-size the girl 40% then to image/canvas size re-size to 900 x 900.
2. Open the rock tube. Re-size 30% Copy and paste it on to your new working image.
3. Use your erase tool and erase the bottom sides of the rock that stick out.. apply the 3D drop shadow, then use the deform brush.. to 'push' the hands around the rock...Gently!
4. Open a bkg paper you like and re-size it 22% if its a full size. Copy it.. Add a new layer on your working image make a selection almost to the edges and Paste/into selection. Apply which ever mask you want to use.. I used WSL_Mask220 on it.
Merge/ merge group.
5. Open the (light)house re-size 30% Copy and paste it on a new layer on your working image. Apply the 3D drop shadow..
6. Open the Fishing net element  re-size 50% and move it down to right above the mask layer.. Have the light house covering its right side.. and the rock and girl covering the left side of the net.
7. Open the port hole element and re-size it . Apply a drop shadow.. but have it checked where the shadow is on its own layer.. then do a circle selection right in the center (glass area) of the port hole select the shadow layer and do cut/delete.

Merge down the port hole and its shadow layer now.
8. Open the sea gulls element  re-size 25%
Copy and paste them on to your working image.
9. Open the fish school element, re-size 25% , use the eraser tool to erase the top fish.. copy and paste onto the working image
10. Open the Crab element re-size 13%, (whatever looks good to you)
11. Open the waves , re-size 13%. Copy and paste onto your working image.
12. Open one of the water and sky bkg papers... re-size 30% and have it's layer below the port hole's layer. Make a circle selection using the port hold.. a little larger than the glass part.. click on the paper layer.. invert and cut/delete.
13. I duplicated the mask layer and pulled one to top left and one to bottom right.. to fill in more. OR you can use the deform tool and pull it out to enlarge it.. both ways work :D
Arrange things the way you like then save as a PNG.. I always save a .psd or .pspimage one also. So that I have all the layers separate.
14. NOW.. if you want to go a step farther... We can make the water in the port hole animated..
like Below. 
15. First add a new layer and drag it to the very bottom of all the layers fill with white.
I have included an .MNG animation file..
 15. Have all the bottom layers showing.. and hide the top layers..refer to below
16. Right click on the top of the window..Copy Merge.. go to your Animation program and right click on the desk top.. paste as a new animation. Duplicate 2 times.. so you have 3 frames now. Select all frames.. Open the .mng animation I made and select all its frames.. drag F:1 of the animation (.mng frames).. over to your new animation F: 1, click hold and drag over to center it directly over the other circle , line them up.. then let go of your mouse.. if you mess us.. UNDO both and start again. fun fun!!!
if it looks ok... close the .mng animation .Go back to PSP and hide all the bkg layers, un hide the top layers. like below. Copy Merge, over to Animation and right click on the desktop Paste as a new animation. Duplicate 2 times so that you have 3 frames.. Select all... click on the F:1 layer , Click, hold & drag over to the new animations F: 1 Line it up where the port hole is directly over the round sea animation. Check your animation... to see if its all looks right.. 
17. When your saving your animation..the window will come up that has customize on it.. ALWAYS click that.. cause sometimes you have to tweak settings... when dealing with flesh color.. it never looks right in an animation.. if you noticed.. I use Optimized Octree for flesh... it looks grainier if you use Optimized Median Cut
If all looks right to you.. save as .GIF.. then your done!!

Toodles till next time.

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