Monday, February 18, 2013

Forever Steampunk

Hi there.. Thanks for joining me again in another tutorial.

The scrapkit I used is Crazy Carita's 'Romantic Steampunk'
It's a PTU kit you can find HERE
I also used  ©Anna Marine tube, you must have a license to use.
My license CDO #2339
I am just now learning how to make these glitters.. so bare with me :) this one is too many frames really, so the tag file size is large....and you might find others better...but I will learn how to do them without so many frames!!!
The word art ' Forever' is mine... its in the supplies zip

ok lets get the ball rolln.. :) hey you can click on the tag and screen captures to see them in original size.. easier to see.

1. I first picked a frame that I liked.. I choose the oval.  Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original.  Resized 85%.

2. Using magic wand tool click on the inside of frame. 
3. Selections/Modify/ Expand 15 choose a bkg that you want.. I used Bkg paper PP2.jpg. Position it on the frame window the way you want.. I wanted some of the red to show (look below)

 4. Invert
5. Make sure your on the bkg paper layer.. Delete/Cut . For beginners I suggest you get in the habit of naming your layers... it will be alot less confusing for you..  

6. Supplied in the zip is a composite I found on the net...If someone knows who did it.. I will give them credit..

copy and paste the composite , dragging its layer under the frame layer and on top of the bkg paper. Position it where you like.. You should still have the oval selection going.. be on the composite layer and hit delete/cut again

7.   While on the composite layer.. go to Blend Modes on the layer palette and try different modes.. I used Hard Light.. and lowered the opacity.
8. Select None now..

9. Add a new layer.. drag to the bottom on the layer palette.
I used selection tool and drew a rectangle almost to the edges of the window.. Used the same paper.. that I put in the oval.. and copy/pasted it into the selection..

10. Then applied a Mask on the paper.. I used 
WSL_Mask224 you can get it at WeeScotsLass Blog
When you've applied it merge group. I duplicated the mask layer three times and positioned it so that it would be thicker in places..and even.

Be sure NOT to have any of the mask go off the outside edges of the image... that will leave a flat line..which looks horrible and unprofessional. :)

11. Now open all the elements you want to use... copy and paste them onto your working image. Position them like you'd can reference mine and go by it if you'd like.

I used the rose.. and resized it 75%. I also made it darker by going to Adjust/ Brightness & Contrast/ Gamma Correction
12. Put those elements you need to behind the frame.. and the others.. on top.. which ever elements that's below the frame layer.. goes over into the oval part...Select that oval again.. and expand the selection... invert and be on that elements layer and delete. That way the center of the oval just has the paper & composite showing.

13. I made a new layer and drug it to the very bottom of the layer palette.. and filled it with the bkg1 that I have in the zipped supplies..

14. Don't forget all your 3D drop shadows on EVERYTHING...
Copy and paste the tube of your choice.. on.. position it.. then copy and paste the word art on top of the tube..

15.  Ok.. this is how I merged what layers... the girl tube.. and word art merge just those.. name it on the layer palette TOP

16. The Middle as you see below

17.  Bottom  as you see below

18.  In the zip.. I added a seamless bkg tile made from one of the bkg papers... I flood filled a new layer.. and dragged to very bottom on layer palette.

19.  Open your animation shop , then open the .mng file of the sparkles animation.. select ALL of the frames of the animation.
In PSP have the TOP & MIDDLE layers HID on your image. Right click on the top of the image and Copy Merge

20. In AS right click on the AS desktop... then paste as a new animation. Now whatever animation you do use... you need to know how many frames it is.. so if its 35 frames.. you have to duplicate that new animation (the bkg layers from PSP ) till it has
 35 layers also. Here is the duplicate frame button
Select all in the new animation..make sure your looking at Frame 1... then  Click, drag and HOLD mouse button down..don't let go...move your mouse cursor over to the new animation.. position the sparkle animation frame #1 to exactly where you want it THEN let go of your mouse button...if you mess up.. just UNDO on both the sparkle animation and the new one... 

Back to PSP.. on your working image.. hide the bkg layers.. and have the top and middle visible.. top of image.. Copy Merged.. over to AS.. paste as a new image.. so the same as the other... you duplicat as many times as you have animation frames.. Click hold and drag just like the other..  When done.. save as a .gif
You're done!!!

Toodles till next time

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  1. Hi Norma.
    You make


    Hi Norma.
    You make gorgeous tutorials. I would love to make some of them, but the background is to dark. I can`t make out the Words :-(. Thanks so much for the look at your lovely Work. Have a great sunday and take care. Hugs Rita.