Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Here is a short one :)
I used a ©Caron Vinson tube.. you must purchase & have a license to  use.  Mine is  CDO #2339
HERE is my own mask for the tutorial
The scrapkit is also mine you can purchase it HERE . 
Hey its ONLY a $1 lol
1.  Open a new image  800 x 800 
2. Open the paper you want to use.. if its a full sized paper.. resize 22% and copy and paste it on to your new image window.
3. Apply the mask your going to use..Merge/merge group.
4. Add one of the frames that is in the kit.. copy and paste it into the new image window.
5. Use the magic wand tool and click inside the frame area.. this makes a selection.. go to selection/modify/expand 7 pixels.
6. Add a new layer (below the frame layer)
7. While it's still selected , choose another paper from the kit and resize 22% , copy and paste into selection.
8. Open, copy & paste  the tube you're using into the new image..don't forget to   apply a 3d drop shadow..
9. Time to add what elements you like (apply 3D shadows)... you can use the ones I did.. or choose your own. for both the elements with text on them.. I went to Image/Rotate/Free Rotate/ Direction left/Free: 20.00 . Have it checked where it says rotate single layer...
10. When you're done placing it the way you want... Merge visible, and save as a .PNG.

Toodles till next time

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