Saturday, February 23, 2013

Orchid Dreams

I used my own scrap kit Orchid Dreams for this tutorial.. you can purchase it HERE
For the tube I used a Pinup Toon tube you can purchase her at the CDO Store. You must have a license to use. Mine is CDO #2339
 WSL_Mask235 is used on tag

1. Open the heart frame element  Shift + D to duplicate, close original. Image/canvas size 800 x 800. Apply a 3d drop shadow to your frame.
2. Add a new layer, drag below frame layer on the layer palette.
Open a paper that you like.. if its a full sized paper then re size it 25% . Make a new rectangle selection on the new image window.. almost to the edges..Copy the re sized paper then on the new image window, right click and paste into selection. Apply the mask that you picked on the paper, Merge group layers.
3. Open the SWT-Page Back element , Copy and Paste it on to your working image.. if you need to drag it below the frame layer.. do so. 
Remember to name all your layers.
4. Use your selection tool/freehand selection/ point to point. 
click and point.. around the heart frame.. not having to be too careful just so you do it to the outside of the center edge of the frame. Refer to below sample.
5. Add a new layer below the frame layer.. fill with one of the solid papers in the kit doing it like you did the first paper... then I used Filters Unlimited 2/ paper textures/ Fine canvas on the solid paper.
6. Now you can copy and paste whichever elements you'd like to use. re sizing when needed. Remember your 3D drop shadows on each element.. Copy and paste your girl tube..don't forget the copyright info..
7. When you have everything arranged like you can right click on the top layer in the layer palette Merge/Visible. Now would be the time to crop if you need to and/or resize/ sharpen once.. save as a .PNG.
You're done!
Toodles till next time

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