Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zindy's Dream of Love

This tutorial takes a basic knowledge of PSP.
I used the beautiful tube of Zindy's 'Dream of Love' you must purchase and have a license # to use it. Mine is Zindy #1453
Scrapkit used is a cute PTU kit from Shawna Clingerman 'Heartbreaker' can purchase it HERE 
Mask used: WSL_Mask311 you can find it HERE

1. Open a new image 800 x 800 you can resize when finished.
2. I used paper 8 out of the kit.. resized it 22% then copied and pasted it into the new image you made.
3. Apply the mask WSL_Mask311 to the paper layer.
Merge/ merge group
4. Copy and paste your tube of the woman, move it to right side..refer to my finished tag. Apply a 3d drop shadow.. V & H 2, 90 opacity, 10 blur, color black. I use the same shadow setting to all the elements. 
5. Open frame 5 from the kit. Resize 40%, copy and paste into the working image. Apply a drop shadow. 6. The tube comes as a .psd one of the layers is an image layer.. looks like the girl in a frame. Copy and paste it into the working image window. Resize 80%.
Drag the image layer of the girl, below the frame 
6. Use your selection tool and draw a selection around the frames opening.
Invert and making sure your on the image layer select cut/delete.You should have the girl just inside the frame.. merge/ merge down.

7. Go to Image/rotate/free rotate. Click rotate direction right, free (20.00) have it checked the rotate single layer around canvas.

8. position it as shown above.
9. Open the red, greyish and blk with dots roses..
resize  red 20%  Greyish 14% Blk 25%
place as I do.. refer to my finished tag.
10. Open the banner element , resize 25% place like mine.
Object to cover the flat bottom of the girl tube.
11. Open the Love element , resize 35%. Copy and paste it to working image. Placement like mine..(just a suggestion) :)
12. These are the other elements I used
Accordian flower 2  resize 20%
Heart breaker stamp   resize 23% 
Wordstrip  Kisses
Wordstrip  Adorable
Wordstrip  Perfect
resize 35%
In the Zindy's tube psd.. there is a metal heart and a bow pngs that I used.. no resizing needed.
You know imagination is key to making tags.. this is just a 'suggestion' as to how to build this tag.. try different things.. be creative!!

Toodles till next time.