Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gothic Heart

Hi there.. I used the lovely work of Zindy in this tag..
I think this is a lovely scrapkit that you can purchase with the tubes. You can purchase it HERE

I also used the animation of  Lovey's Shack. The animation is called  SoftPinkHearts-MNG-Lovey.mng  they don't really look pink.. more like white.. there were red ones too.. but they just didn't look as good.
1. Open a new image 900 x 900.

2. Pick the bkg paper you want and apply a Mask on it.. I used WSL_Mask 362 which you can find at Weescotslass' Blog 

3. The background in the frame was the one that came with Zindy's Tube.. I just used deform tool and pulled it out some, so that it fit the frame.

4. You 'build' the tag just like in the previous tutorial.(doing the back layer to front) Doing the mask layer first..add the dots element.. the bkg from tube, the frame, girl, ivy, word art, flower , heart, the Love word art. Don't forget your 3d drop shadows.. and the copyright info. Arrange it all like you want.. merge/visible, when you get it just like you like... re size it 75% or so. 

BTW..about putting copyright info on tags etc...even when you re size something you are suppose to be able to read the copyright info.. but don't make it so huge that that is FIRST thing you see on a tag... that's very unsightly I think. Just my opinion there.

5. Click on top of window..Copy , over to animation shop and right click , paste as a new animation.. You duplicate the tag so that you have 16 frames OR how ever many frames the animation you picked has.

Select all the frames.. in both the new tag animation and the heart animation... click, hold and drag on the frame 1 of the heart animation and drag it over to the frame 1 new tag animation.. NOT letting go of the mouse button till you get it placed just where you want the animation on the tag.. then let go of the mouse button.. View your animation now and check to see if it looks right..Ctrl+Z if it isn't on both windows..start over if it isn't, If its OK then.. SAVE AS a .gif.. You're done!! I hope you enjoy doing the tutorial... if you have any questions feel free to write me..click on bug :)

Toodles till next time

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