Monday, October 8, 2012

Anna Liwanag Christmas

In this animated tutorial I used Anna Liwanag's tube, you can find it at the CDO store, she is also known as Nocturne at PFD store (Pics for Design. Not sure if this tube is there.. but I know it's at CDO. When you use it...don't forget to use your license number!!

I included all the elements you see in the above tag in the supplies zip.. also the animations...I do give credit for the animations to the creator Lovey... I thought it might be easier if I included them.. but this is where I got them..HERE... plus a lot of other GREAT animations that Lovey does.
For the LIFE of me I can NOT remember who's mask I used in the bkg on this tag.. I had made the bkg paper myself.. and used someone's mask..way back months ago.. and I've blinked since then.. and don't remember..hehe if someone recognizes it or knows it's theirs, please let me know and I will give proper credit!

1. I started off big like I always do, new image at 900 x 900.
 Copy and paste the paper masked bkg to your new working image. Build the tag as you like.. or like I did..there is a round snow scene that's included in the supplies..copy and paste it next, then the gold frame.. apply a 3D shadow to the frame and move it over the snow scene. you can merge down on those two where you can't move them off of each other again.

2. Copy and paste all the snowflakes.. then the woman tube... you can arrange the snowflakes now after you get the woman there.. copy and paste the bow, roses and leaf.. duplicate the leaf twice..
for some reason.. even in REAL paintings.. you never want to put an even number of something like flowers...leaves etc... its always uneven.. like 3..5...7  etc of whatever :)

3. When you get it all placed like you want.. merge/visible and save as .PNG.  You can either open it in your Animation Shop  or have it in PSP and Copy then go to A.S. and right click on the A.S. desktop and Paste as a new animation..
When I start to animate it.. I re sized 82% cause both the animations were 15 frames and the file was gonna be HUGE if I didn't do the re size. 
 You can go ahead and duplicate your tag so that it has 15 frames, Cause the animation has 15 frames.

4. After you have duplicated the tag ( there is a button up at the top of A.S. that duplicates frames).

Open your Animations that you want to use..The way the creator of them made them... was the first Frame is her info.. so you can cut/delete that first frame.. Now select all frames, select all frames on your tag image also... make sure your on FRAME ONE on each of on the animation (pay attention where the animation is centered etc.. click on the first frame (all have to be selected) click, HOLD your mouse button down.. while dragging it to your tag's frame ONE also.. when you get it where you want it.. THEN let go of your mouse button. if you don't drag to Frame one with all selected its just not gonna work.. :( if it didn't work right..  Ctrl + Z to undo.. on both the animation and the tag animation... then try again... once you get the hang of it.. its easy from then on..Check your animation with the view animation button.. if all is ok .. then save as a gif. If you have any questions just ASK me.. click on the butterflies.

There ya go... you should be done..
Toodles till next time

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