Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink Zindy

For this tutorial I used Zindy's Tube 'Your Angel'  you can purchase her HERE..make sure you use your license # when you use her.
I made all the elements for this tutorial. Everything included in the supplies zip but the tube.

I made this tag in Photoshop CS5... if you don't have can certainly be made in your PSP. I'm not going to be going through detail.. on how to use PS-CS 5 at this time.. this is assuming you know your way around photoshop..
1. Open a new image 900 x 900 . Copy and paste the pink paper that's in the supplies zip. You can apply a mask to the paper if you'd like.. being I was in Photoshop I used one of my grunge brushes on the bkg... in black..stamping it around where I wanted,  then while on that layer.. click the FX at bottom right and do a pattern overlay on it using the bkg paper in supplies as a pattern.
2. I included both the dot line and the circle of dots.. if you'd like to make the circle yourself.. I will show you how.
open your dot line.. go to image/canvas size and enlarge it to 3" x 3"  or 1200 x 1200... that's just to give you room to use

3. Might have to resize your dots  by Ctrl + T in Photoshop or Image/resize in PSP.. as a %. I love Photoshop's transform tool.. it doesn't make the graphic blurry.. in anyway... can twirl in any direction.. in PSP the transform tool always blurs the item.
4. Set the dots in the center.. open the Copies plugin
and use these settings, referring to the capture below.

5. Place the circle dots on top of the Masked Paper layer.. next you place the frame... flowers, halftone splatters and bow the way you'd like..

6. On the Zindy tube.. I applied a drop shadow and also.. an outter glow in pink.. I show how in photoshop.
7. Below I applied a drop shadow to the bow.

That should be it for you.. when you get it all arranged like you'd like... don't forget your copyright info for the tube..(sorry I know I sound like magpie all the time about copyright but we gotta be careful) Merge/Visible and save as a PNG . Feel free to resize it now.
If you have any questions feel free to write me, click on the kitty

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial
Toodles till next time

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  1. Thanks for the new tutorial Norma! I'm going to give this a try...
    Happy New Year to you and the family.
    Hugs from Michigan.