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Hi there... I will be using PSP 9 and PS-CS5 for this tutorial.. You would need an basic knowledge of PSP and PS.

I'm using Amy Stoffel's 'Beautifall' scrapkit this time.. you can find her beautiful work at Scrap Matters.
Also I am using a Pinup Toon Girl from the CDO store you can purchase it HERE.. No plugins needed this time

1. Open a new image 900 x 900 , you can always re size later.. I make my tag (image) big cause most of the time I make them for Incredimail header.... then resize smaller for the matching tag.
2. Open the element astoffel-beautiful-scatter 3.png. Re size it 20% then transfer it to your new image. I applied a soft 3D drop shadow on it.. using a soft brown.

3. Pick one of the papers from the kit, re sized 16% and drag to the working image on top of the scatter layer,   apply a Mask to the paper.  I used WeeScotsLass' mask  WSL_Mask 84 it can be found HERE  

4. I used one of the frames that came in the kit and put a fall scene in it..Now it's just a matter of placing all the elements and girl tube, in the places where you want them.. You can use my idea up above or do as you like in the positioning. Don't forget your 3D drop shadows on them all!! 

5. After I get the image looking like I want.. I merge/visible and save as a PNG.. then I head on over to my Photoshop CS 5.
 I love my PSP I have used it for 15 plus years.. but just the last year.. I've been using/ learning PS-CS3 and just now got the CS 5.
it is far and away better in most ways than PSP is.. BUT wont ever NOT use my PSP :) Fear not hehe

I have made captures of PS CS 5 while I am doing the Text on the Beautifall graphic(tag). In Photoshop, using its Bevel and Emboss is just WONDERFUL!!!

(Note).. if you do not have PS-CS 5 or any Photoshop.. just do your text in PSP.. that's fine..apply an inner bevel and 3 d drop shadow with PSP.

Text made in Photoshop CS 5

6. Ok first, open the saved PNG in Photoshop..

FYI:  You can't open files in Photoshop in .PSP format... so that's why I save everything in either .png or .psd format  The .PSD saves the layers separately. That way you can open in both PSP and PS.

Using the Text tool.. the T is over to the left side where your tool bar is..
7.  If you want the text filled with a paper , you first have to open the paper in PS CS and go to Edit/ Define Pattern... a lil box pops up and you just click OK. (its loaded now) You can close out the paper .  Any patterns, papers, textures..etc, you always have to do this edit/define pattern first.. so that the paper etc is loaded. and that way you will have the open to use it when filling text.. or any other things you would need it for.. comes in handy when you have a set of papers, like if your making a scrapkit and want your elements to match your papers you created.. you would load all those papers in the kit into patterns.. You can also save that set of patterns, name it and reload it at any time.

8. While your on the Text layer click the FX button down at the bottom right... refer to the picture..

While you have the Layer Style box open.. you can do all three things.. PLUS alot more....fill the text with a material , put a bevel and emboss on it also a 3D drop shadow...If you so desire also a stroke around the outside edging. All out of one menu box

9. Position your text the way you like it and go to layers/merge visible and save..over right the existing one you had saved earlier OR save it with a new name and so that way you also have the tag without any text on it.

That should do it... re size it as small as you like... for your tag.. remember your copyright info.. that's a must!!
If you have any questions feel free to write me. Click on the butterflies to send me an email

Toodles till next time

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